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“This is a serious and timely initiative. When it comes to our exile democracy, we are continually growing and learning. Smartvote is a brilliant tool and we hope Tibetans to make use of this technology”

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How does Smartvote Tibet work?

  1. Public submit questions for Sikyong and parliament candidates.
  2. Candidates answer selected 30 questions on a wide range of current issues.
  3. User answers the same set of questions.
  4. User receives a list of candidates that best match his/her preferences.

About the project

Smartvote Tibet is an initiative of “Project Democracy”, an association by a group of Tibetans who have a background in political science, history, psychology, technology and human rights law. The platform is an adapted version of Smartvote, which was first developed in 2003 by Politools in Switzerland. The tool has been successfully implemented for regional and national elections in Switzerland, Australia, Luxembourg, Austria, Scotland as well as in the European Union.